Virtual Office

Office Hours

Weekly Support

Join us for weekly open Office Hours with co-founders Brettany and Karen. Get personalized help with your pressing business and marketing questions.

The Hive Coworking

Open 24/7

A space to connect with other Hive members. Join your peers to work, collaborate and socialize.

The Hive Coworking space is made up of several virtual offices and conference rooms to facilitate impromptu meetings and collaboration.

The Hive Virtual Offices

Reserve an Office

The Hive provides a number of private office spaces that you can reserve to meet with other members, or even your own clients!  Every room includes audio and video, screen sharing, chat, etc. 

Join The Hive!

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial adventure, know this: you’re not alone. We’ve got the support, the laughs, and the resources to help you make strides, no matter the starting line.

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